Raven Lunch

Some of you may find this week’s post a bit gruesome. It is a sort of fitting post for 2020 considering!   While out and about in town I startled a small group of ravens off their meal. One raven was not about to give up on lunch and stuck around which gave me an opportunity to capture these unique …

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Black-Capped Chickadee

This week I’ve got some images of everyone’s favourite, the Black-Capped Chickadee. For many of us, the Black-Capped Chickadee is one of the first birds we ever learn to ID. The chickadee is a curious bird that is often found at bird feeders. It has a distinctive warning call that sounds just like its name: chick-a-dee. Interestingly, the more dee …

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Tundra Swans

This week I wanted to share some photos I took of Tundra Swans. I didn’t really know too much about swans besides the story of the Ugly Duckling so it was a great opportunity to learn more.   The images you see here were all taken in Yellowknife in the fall. I was surprised to see swans here in the …

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Sandpipers and Other Shorebirds

I spent a lot of time outdoors this summer and learned more about bird especially the subtle differences between shorebirds. I have always found shorebirds difficult to identify because much like the LBJs in the sparrow species they all look very similar.   I have found birding a great way to improve my attention to detail and shorebirds are one …

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Gulls on Guard

Winter seems to have arrived in earnest here in Yellowknife and it won’t be long until the lakes are frozen over and the snow and ice adventures will begin.   This week I wanted to share some photos of gulls to show their particularly quirky personalities. We get quite a few species of gulls in Yellowknife, some who stay all …

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Fox, Master of the Nap

I hope you are all feeling invigorated by a shift in the world political arena. I know that I am feeling lighter today after a stressful week of anticipation. Sleep has returned in earnest here so I thought it would be fitting to share a post about napping.   Foxes are one wild creature that has mastered the art of …

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The Friendly Jays, Eh.

This week, I made a little movie for you with some little friends from out of town. I’m taking a course on digital story-telling and hope to share more short wildlife movies with you this year. Happy Sunday all!

Wilson’s Snipe

This week I’d like to share some images I took this summer of a small but charismatic shorebird, the Wilson’s Snipe.   Wilson’s Snipe have very large pectoral muscles that make up nearly 25% of their weight. With their huge pecs, it is estimated that this chubby shorebird can reach speeds up to 96 kilometres an hour!   The Wilson’s …

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Great-Crested Flycatcher

I’m pretty sure I spotted a Great Crested Flycatcher this past weekend! These guys are not common around Yellowknife so it was quite the event for this birder! A new lifer Yahoo!

Wide-Angle Fox Photos

Last year I was encouraged by a fellow photographer to try and use a wide-angle lens to shoot wildlife. This means you need to get very VERY close to the wildlife to get that interesting distortion that can happen. Most of the time this is achieved by using a trail camera however I thought I would give it a try …

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