Fox Kits on Highway 4

This week I have some images of a cross fox kit to share. There is a fox den along the Ingraham Trail (NWT Hwy 4) and almost every year there is a litter of rambunctious kits exploring the area.
It is interesting to see the individual personalities of each animal during an interaction. Some kits are bold and approach with cautious curiosity while others will disappear into the den and I never see them again. Others strike a balance between satisfying their curiosity but maintaining a distance that makes them feel safe.
This young crossfox displayed behaviour that reminded me a lot of a young human who might pretend to be interested in something benign while keeping a close watch on what’s going on. I was happy to capture the nonchalant inspection of this particularly interesting bush when photographing this little one.
The little red fox was not interested in approaching at all and maintained a safe distance near one of the den entrances. They remained relaxed and alert during my short interaction with them and I was again reminded of the similarities between species, something we often disregard in favour of focusing on our differences.
That’s all for this week, I hope you enjoyed these sweet little faces. Thank you again for taking some time out of your day to stop by.