Baby Birds

This week I have some baby birds photos from the past summer. I hope to get a few more images of ducklings and juvenile birds as they migrate through Yellowknife to their southern wintering grounds.
On of my favourite young birds to photograph is the tern. They are a challenge not only because they are decently camouflaged against the rocks, but they also have very aggressive parents! Photographing young birds from a kayak takes a lot of practice and some cooperation from the weather however it does provide a nice low perspective.
Many birds are curious to come have a quick look at a photographer but there are just as many who want nothing to do with humans even if we are only close enough to spot them through binoculars.
As all parents, birds do defend their young and make alarm calls to warn their young of danger. Some birds will even try to lure potential danger away from their young by performing displays that mimic an injury such as a broken wing.
How many of these young birds can you identify?